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Build it and they will come only happens in the movies!

We find that web site promotion often times a multi-step process.  Not that it necessarily has to be but most companies do not realize the importance of a properly designed search engine friendly site.  They, at least initially, are more concerned with the colors, layout, fonts, and general looks. Their designers are trained and degreed  in commercial art.  They are very familiar with the printing world, layout, art and literature.
Many of these designers have moved into web-development as it seems natural.  The truth is they are separate disciplines.   Another reason is that developing a web-site from inception being search engine ready will entail greater development time and planning.  This drives up the cost of development.  Many times companies take bids on the website development and the job goes to the lowest bidder.  This is especially common with companies new to the web.
While still in the planning stages your web-site developer should ask you a few questions
concerning your site.
  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • Who will be the audience?
  • Who is your competition and do they have
    a web presence?
  • What is the geographical area of you clients?
  • What marketing tools are you utilizing now?
These questions are key in deciding the type and scope of your site promotion.   These same questions also help deciding on the type of site Flash, Database driven or standard HTML.  If your site is basically an on-line catalog for your existing clients you may not even care about being found on Google MSN or Yahoo.  If being found is important to you, keep the following in mind.  SEARCH ENGINES READ TEXT! Not flash or database driven sites.  There are some ways around this but none is as effective as standard HTML.
If you have read this far and have decided you need to found on the major search engines we will dispense of the fancy Photoshop gears and make it a little easier to read.
If you can't get the Yahoo's to list your site, what makes you think they listed the site you are looking for!  Some good news though. DMOZ.ORG, also known as the Open Directory Project, the largest human edited directory has become a superior search utility. That is why Yahoo, All the Web, Google, AltaVista, Deja, HotBot, Lycos, Northern Light and many others are including DMOZ listings in their search. The good news is a DMOZ listing costs you nothing!

From self submission help, to paid promotional subscriptions, we can help get your site seen. With many of the major search engines going to paid submissions promoting your site can be much more costly than the design. As the future unfolds it should prove very interesting. If all the major search engines only listed paid subscriptions and many companies offering products and services are not willing to pay for these listings, the current problems with Yahoo and others will only grow.


Good news if your site if designed by us, it is search engine friendly!  We will ask you when designing your site for meta tags and other information that helps us in designing a site that is search engine friendly.  We can even submit your site to search engines.  However don't let anyone fool you into thinking that by purchasing a subscription to a submittal service, purchasing self submission software, or clicking on the submission links provided here and elsewhere on the web is all that you need.  Auto submission software, a subscription service, or hand submission may get your site listed but when you type "machine screws" at the aol search you may be number 1,768 of 31,000 listings. T here is much more to driving traffic to your site than just getting listed.  Even very experienced web developers need help in this area.  More Good News is, very few sites are really designed with search engines in mind.  They were designed for looks and that is fine, if your audience already knows your URL, is reading it off a billboard or your brochure but, that is not how the normal "surfer" finds what they are looking for.  Now, why is that good news?  Because by utilizing the service of a promotional professional you can drive their potential traffic your site.

Other General Advice

Keep your pages between 800 and 1500 characters. (This page is much too long) NEVER design in frames, forget your plans for a fancy flash site, only utilize java only when really needed, stay away from 100% database driven sites, keep your index or home page under 50k if possible, and utilize the alt image tag for search phrases and terms that are under-utilized in you text. If you want to ignore these suggestions except for NEVER design in frames, learn how to properly construct doorway pages.  And play by the rules.  The search engines are smarter than you think, playing games will only get your URLs' booted. Oh did I mention NEVER DESIGN IN FRAMES!

Getting Started and where you can can help us help you

Your domain name should be used on ALL CORRESPONDENCE. Your letterhead, business cards, advertising brochures, and newspaper adds, It should be a part of your name and address in all correspondence!  If we have not completely designed your site, ask us for a quote on getting your site ready for submission, or use the tools, links and information provided on this site to ready your site.  Remember if your site is not readied properly you are wasting your time.


One last note when giving your email address, through manual submissions, or submission software. You will receive junk mail!  For most of these sites you do need a valid e-mail address.  Do not give the one that you normally use for business. Suggestion, if you have not already done so....Get a Free Yahoo, Gmail or whatever address, and submit using this one when utilizing automatic submission software.  Do not give them any address at your domain unless absolutely necessary.  Unless you like reading junk mail of course.

* Note some links we provide may offer partial free services and then ask you to buy a full version of their software. Services does not in any way promote their services. We are only directing you to sites that offer some free help or information.


Michiana Yellow Pages

New local Michiana web directory - for a limited time you can add your website to this local directory.  They manually edit the content but are very quick at approving listings,
(usually within 48hrs).  Pick suggest link and select a category.


*Note $ = not free

Many search engines today are ranking web sites by the number of sites linking to them. Link Popularity analysis is also important for a high keyword search engines page ranking and PageRank.  The Link Popularity analysis script will search Google, AltaVista, MSN, HotBot, Lycos to determine how many pages are linking to your web page.  Click here to take a link popularity analysis and check your link popularity against that from your competitors.

This analysis tool to help webmasters analyze their web pages. This script analyze not only the Meta Tags but try to use the same spider technology as the spiders them self. Click here to check your tags.

Search Engine Saturation refers to the number of pages from your website domain a search engine has indexed. Click here to check your site.

One final comment on promotional campaigns.  A properly designed web-site is crucial to any promotional campaign.  Therefore, it is impossible for us to list a fixed cost for promotion. If you ever see a site actually listing costs for promotional campaigns, you can be assured that it is not a promotional campaign, but a cost to mass submit your site to search engines with no regard to placement.  Does this mean that we must design your site?  NO, but at a minimum we will need to work with your developer as a consultant. Does it mean you must give up that fancy flash, java smothered, image heavy or database driven web-site. NO, not entirely. These types of sites can be promoted utilizing other means however, not as effectively.
It does mean you will pay a heavy price not only in the design of these types of sites but in traffic, and it doesn't matter much if the browser is connected via dial-up, cable, or DSL. Bottom-line is Search Engines read text not images, not flash, not databases nor ASP or Cold Fusion.

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Business Sites hosted on our IIS servers come with WebTrends reporting tools.  Sample report here These reports allow us to analyze your positions on search engines and major directories on the internet.

If you are a promotion client, the following report is provided quarterly.  Live Report here

Can we do what we say?  How did you find us?  Try michiana web hosting or michiana web design on your favorite search engine. 

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