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The demand for delivering video over the World Wide Web is increasing dramatically. One important aspect in this endeavor is to provide realistic expectations. Web video is not TV quality. Bandwidth limitations often make creating quality desktop video a challenge. Tradeoffs will have to be made between file size, image quality, frame rate, and audio quality. Compression affects the look of the video at a given bandwidth.

Streaming media is live and/or archived audio or video content, delivered in almost real-time to an end user's computer via the Internet.  It's also called video-on-demand. For large files, streaming is preferable to downloading because you do not have to wait for the file to download before viewing it.

Downloading a video file can greatly increase the amount of time it takes to view a presentation. In addition,many computers do not have the storage capacity to store a long presentation.

Streamed presentations are experienced as they are downloaded, and generally not stored on the clients system.  Viewers do not need to wait for the entire file to download to experience it.  Further, it allows the consumer to jump forward or backward to the section of the content of interest.

We can produce and deliver your video message in a number of formats but recommend the flash delivery method.  Why?

Your customers already have Flash capability ready to go.  A June 2005 study by NPD Research, the parent company of MediaMetrix, showed that 97.6% of web users worldwide can experience Flash content without having to download and install a player.

Flash reaches far more web users than other comparable players.

Aside from its broad reach, Flash Player also has the distinct advantage of providing cross-platform compatibility.  As a comparison, Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 is only available to users with systems running Microsoft Windows XP. Mac OS X users must run Windows Media Player 9 at the time of the
publication of this paper.

For the developer, managing these versions and their associated discrepancies are challenging, and limiting, as features differ version to version. Flash Player eliminates these development challenges with its hallmark ability to consistently support all platforms that your customers currently use.  Flash experiences run on Windows (every version from Windows 95/98/ME to Windows 2000 and XP), Mac OS (9.x and OS X), and Linux. It also works across multiple browsers including the popular Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.  With the increasing popularity of sophisticated mobile phones and PDAs, Flash has authoring and test tools to deploy on the Symbian operating system so that rich content can be viewed on millions of mobile devices.

Company Product and Services

Company products and services are presented in their best light with video. Productions that highlight products and services are valuable for both Internet and Intranet purposes. Your most outstanding business assets can be featured in:

  • Video catalogues of products and services

  • A company overview

  • Training videos

  • Archival video library

    Sample Smarter-mail tutorial

Video Tours

  • Video Tours of property, homes, corporate offices, facilities, and structures provide viewers with a professionally produced, instantaneous look at available real estate.


  • Infomercials created for streaming video can also be reformatted and available for broadcast and cable television. This cross-platform marketing potential is extremely cost-effective, positioning your products and services in multiple media outlets for pennies on the dollar.
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